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About Addy and Mark: Business coach and Business consulting

About Addy & Mark

At Addy and Mark, we live by our motto, ‘Powering Small Business Expansion’. We’re a forward-thinking consultancy firm whose prowess lies in innovation, research, and coaching. We champion start-ups, enabling their growth, launch, and evolution through operational development, synergistic ventures, resource pooling, and, fundamentally, education.

We recognize the unique challenges that accompany the birth of a new business, and through our coaching services, we equip you with the essential tools and knowledge to surmount these obstacles.

We pride ourselves on our distinctive offering – the SBO Visionaries Academy. This tailored hub for start-ups provides access to courses, info sessions, resources, and business coaching sessions to promote business growth. 

Additionally, we introduce the Survey Squad, a research participant membership that delivers critical quantitative market research data, empowering start-ups to make informed decisions for their growth and sustainability.

Our goal is to empower entrepreneurs to build robust, self-sustaining businesses that continue to grow and thrive. Our services are a reflection of this commitment. We invite you to embark on this exciting journey of expansion and innovation with us.

In line with our commitment to the entrepreneurial community, we’ve launched ‘The Dope Million’, a blog channel devoted to educating and inspiring start-up business owners. This platform delves into a broad range of topics vital for start-ups, offering practical tips, industry insights, and success stories to fuel your entrepreneurial journey. We invite you to delve into ‘The Dope Million’ and engage in the dialogue as we aspire to cultivate a dynamic, knowledgeable, and resilient start-up community.

Our Consulting Team

Our diverse team comes with experience in a myriad of industries in the business arena including research, creative, technology, entertainment, construction, public health and real estate fields.  As a team we practice using clear and simple methods to assist our clients throughout their development journey. 

More on Research

Why is research important for your business development and your customers? There are so many reasons to mention, but we believe that providing products or services backed by factual content and information will not only save you a ton of money, but also allow you to conduct your business with the utmost integrity. 

Whether you need research and ideation, feedback for your product or service, a focus group for your project or product review, or simply need something that you are working on thoroughly researched, we’ve got your back. 

We not only love to research, but we also have fun doing it. We’re so obsessed with the value of research in every aspect of business and personal development that we’ve developed our own research participant database called the Survey Squad.  An application that allows you to test your market, before spending lots of money on a campaign.

Our Blah Blah Statement

In the end, it’s all about chemistry.  If you’re interested in booking us for our consulting services or a dedicated coach, book a Free 15 minute session and let’s chat.  

All the Best in Your Journey to Success.