About Us


Addy & Mark is a business coach and consulting team providing courses, resources and services dedicated to start-up and new business owners.  We provide the resources and support to help you register, brand, build and scale(grow) your new business.

Each of our courses come with an add on to the Ask Addy Premium Knowledge base, which will provide you with access to additional tools, resources, exclusive webinars and info sessions to help develop a small business, but more importantly; access to a coach that will help you understand how to utilize these resources to your benefit.  Our mission is short and simple; to help you succeed in your business endeavors.

What Makes Our Team Special?

Our diverse team comes with experience in a variety of fields including business, marketing, creative, branding, research, engineering, construction, and public health industries.  We pride ourselves in making communication clear and simple so that the client is truly a part of the process. At least, that’s what our clients say!

Our Research Focus

We love research, and provide a variety of research related services; since it is basically involved in everything that we do.  What makes our research so special?

True transparency, and understandable results.  Results for everyone to understand, not just the pros.  The purpose of research is null and void if you can’t utilize it for improvement.  Simple is better when reading results.

Market Research   

Why is research important for your business or your customers? There are so many reasons to mention, but we believe that providing products or services backed by factual content and information will not only save you a ton of money, but also allow you to conduct your business with the utmost integrity. Whether you need a market research strategy, feedback for your product or service, a focus group for your project or product review, or simply need something that you are working on thoroughly researched, we’ve got your back. We not only love to research, we have fun doing it. We’re so obsessed with the value of research in every aspect of business and personal development that we’ve developed our own research participant database called the Survey Squad.  An application that allows you to test your market, before spending lots of money on a campaign.  You can gain access to them in your Ask Addy Premium account.

Our Blah Blah Statement

In the end it’s all about chemistry.  If you’re interested in booking a private Business Coach or Consultant simply go to our Book a Coach  form and provide us with a some details about the service you are looking for.  All the Best in Your Journey to Success.