Credit Building Resource for Entrepreneurs

Dear Small Business Owners, good news!

A new financial tool is available for you to build business credit effortlessly.

We know some of you are still in the process of developing your business and this resource would be very fitting for you. It’s called the Brex Card. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up, but it is EXTREMELY beneficial to your business growth, as it is a cash card that reports to your business credit.

You simply load funds from your bank account and use it, and Brex will take it from there.

They also have a slew of rewards for small business owners. If you have a business registered already, sign up under your business name.

If you don’t have a business registered yet sign up as a sole proprietor.

We are telling our newbie clients about this so they can start having a positive credit report. Check it out and good luck in your business venture!

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