COVID-19 – Announcement

The Addy & Mark Team wishes safety, love, and health to everyone in this trying time of COVID-19. We will be collecting and sharing as much information as possible to support our members and loved ones throughout this process.

As the quarantine continues, we will expect finances, health and the over-all mental well-being of humans to struggle. We hope that people will practice social distancing for safety and not discriminatory reasons. Keeping a distance in an effort to practice safety measures does not remove the ability to smile or say hello.

Please find general information resource links for your knowledge. During this time you will be getting information from a variety of sources. Please make sure you pay attention to the credibility of the source when gathering information. Please find some reliable resource links below to help you stay up to date on the status of COVID-19, Vaccines in current research, and safety measures.

Official News Release for NIH Clinical trial of COVID-19 Vaccine

CDC Hand Washing Techniques and Safety Measures for Virus

World Health Organization COVID-19 Myth Busters

The EPA will give you tips on how to improve your overall air quality


Airborne vs Droplet

A common question we’ve been getting because of the confusion in the transmission of COVID-19 is “What’s the difference between Airborne and Droplet transmission?”. According to the CDC, COVID-19 has proven to be transmitted via contact and respiratory droplet (6 feet), which has some airborne concerns.

Check out this article on They do a great job in explaining the difference between airborne and droplet.

We will post additional research information once we have confirmed the details. Until then, please stay safe, healthy, and informed.

Addy and Mark Research Involvement

Please sign up for our survey squad for updated information on paid research opportunities relating to survival and recovery in a COVID-19 environment.

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