Chicken wings prices are flying!

Chicken wings prices are flying!

If you’ve never seen a chicken fly, you’ve seen it now.

Exactly as you heard it because the high demand during the pandemic is one of the reasons why chicken wings prices are flying!

An average increase of 25 % compare to pre-pandemic costs, is a sign of how this common fast food has become an exquisite dish.

One could elucubrate on the reason of why it became so popular. Most people spent hours and hours at home, watching tv, and who knows, maybe this triggered a primal obsession for eating wings. Plus, who doesn’t love eating them watching a football game, or that favorite streaming series.

But the fact is that there is a global shortage of chicken wings and since you only get two per animal, and people have gone crazy eating them, the poultry industry hasn’t been able to meet the increased demand.

Let’s hope that, as production chains readapt to the current challenges such as lack of raw materials, among others, that some of the prices of our all-time favorite foods come back to earth and do not scarce anymore.

To learn more on the global chicken wings shortage visit There is a global shortage of chicken wings and thus affects customers, sellers and restaurateurs 

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Chicken wings prices are flying!