The BP Framework

The Addy & Mark BP Framework is a Free People Lab tool that creates a business plan. This business plan template will guide you from start to finish. It was made to be user friendly, educational, inspirational, and has proven very useful to individuals looking for a little assistance in developing their first business plan.  Check out our video below to learn more.  

The BP Framework is included in all A&M Subscriptions, however if you are not subscribed to any of our paid plans, feel free to to sign up for our General Registration to get started.    

Quotes from a C.E.O.

“There’s no such thing as doing it ALL yourself. Your village exist somewhere, even if you don’t recognize it at some points. Don’t get me wrong, there are people that put hard work, effort and energy into their venture without the help of some that they may have wanted it from, but your village does not only include those people, there are others that help you along the way. Also, today, the concept of village is more innovative, as we are in the world of technology as well. Don’t get me started, lol, I can keep going.”

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