Tech Savvy Seniors

Tech Savvy Seniors

The Tech Savvy Seniors Series was developed to assist seniors as they try to navigate through the pandemic and learn to communicate in a completely different environment via phones, apps, and a variety of meeting platforms.

Some people are overwhelmed by the changes that they are forced to make at a faster pace, due to new limitations presented. So, we put together a small team of volunteers to create fun courses to teach seniors a few 101 tech-savvy tools, including web search, apps, e-mails, passwords, texting, and more.

Tech Savvy Seniors is the first course offered on our Free People Lab Youtube Channel.

We are very optimistic about this effort and look forward to seeing its growth.

Blessings, Courage, and Love to everyone during these trying times.  

Quotes from a C.E.O.

“Helping each other should be innate. I believe we are still connected as humans, we just need the universe to remind us when we’re acting up”.

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