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The A&M Professionals membership is a great option for micro business newbie’s and entrepreneurs seeking to start and/or strengthen their business venture. We provide the knowledge, tools and resources to turn you into a confident new business owner, and greatly reduce your trial and error phase. At A&M we pride ourselves in providing information and opportunities that are well sourced, and never outdated. Check out our membership benefits below, get started, and let us consult you on your journey to success!


A&M Client Interview (i)

Registration & Presence (i) 

BP & BD Framework (i)

Registered Agent (1yr) (i) 

Focus Group Session (i)

A&M Rewards (i)

Grant Matching 101 (i)

Company E-mail (1yr) (i)

Business Vanity Line (i)

Consulting 30 (i)

The Hub (i)

Business Coach (i)

Free Survey Missions (i)


$49 Per Month

BB Plus

$99 Per Month

BB Pro


One Time