Micro Business Consulting

Micro Business Consulting: The Research Way

Starting a new business, or growing a new business is not an easy task. Furthermore, understanding how to develop that business and your vision takes a lot of work and can be very time consuming. However, with collaborative effort and drive you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. The Addy & Mark team is here to help you do that. We will be there to guide and support you, from start to finish. Our services include idea development, quality assurance implementation, training videos, business plan development, diversity & inclusion, operation work-flow, and brand development. We intertwine these services with research consulting to hopefully reduce the financial stress of your trial and error phase; a phase that micro business knows all too well. We also provide established business packages (for purchase), and exclusive resources to assist you in your business growth, offered in our Micro Business Development Center. Let’s bring your vision to fruition together.

The Research Way

Why is research important for your business or your customers? There are so many reasons to mention, but we believe that providing products or services backed by factual content and information will not only save you a ton of money, but also allow you to conduct your business with the utmost integrity. Whether you need a marketing research strategy, feedback for your product or service, a focus group for your project or product review, or simply need something that you are working on thoroughly researched, we’ve got your back. We not only love to research, we have fun doing it. We’re so obsessed with the value of research in every aspect of business and personal development that we’ve develop our own research participant database called the Survey Squad. Check it out!