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The Importance of Business Presence

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What exactly is business presence? 

We briefly discussed this as you were registering your business, but now we will dig a little deeper. Business Presence, for Addy & Mark, includes ​the overall visual & professional appearance of your business. This presence does not happen over night, but there are some basics steps to take to work towards a business presence that works for you and your followers, or your type of customers.

When developing your business presence, and consistency of such is key. When you apply for a loan, open up an account, apply for business credit, open up a social media page, or put your business information on anything related to your business, you want to make sure its exactly the same.

On the visual front or objective view. When someone checks out your site, looks at your social media page, or views your ad somewhere, they usually catch on faster if they see consistency.

There is so much that is included in business credit including a website domain, email, address, business phone number, and social media, just to name a few. Before moving forward in this venture, we want to make sure that yo’ve obtained all of these basics.

Business Presence Review Checklist

Make sure you are able to check off ALL of the business presence basic tools below, then head to the “Custom Cabinet” tab in your dashboard to have us conduct a Business Presence Review.

  • Business E-mail: Please, please, and PLEASE, make sure you are no longer using your personal e-mail or a personal e-mail for your business. You should practice sending ALL business related e-mails to your business e-mail address. Your account comes with a free business e-mail for a year, so use it. You will appreciate the upgrade in presence that it brings you in the end. To activate your free business e-mail go to your To Do tab, and select the Activate Business E-mail Link. If you’ve already activated your e-mail, and you need a little assistance navigating through your new e-mail platform. Check out our Understanding Zoho E-mail video. There are quite a few features that will prove very beneficial to your business organizing goals.
  • Business Phone number. Your phone line for your business needs to be separate from your personal number, for a variety of reasons. Especially if you are looking to access funding for your business, putting your business phone number on the map can get you approved for a variety of business accounts faster than if you didn’t have one. See business phone options that we suggest in your Operation Necessities tab.
  • Business Address: We discussed this before as well. Having a separate business address can be very helpful in separating business and personal ventures, and qualifying for business loans, etc. Again, if you haven’t done this, check your Operation Necessities tab for options.
  • Logo: This is the start of your branding journey. A logo will be extremely important to your business presence. Take some time to create one, if you don’t have one already. There are many free logo websites, and a slew of designers waiting to create a logo for you. Check our our Operation Necessities tab for some options.
  • Social Media: We have lots of tools and tips on Social Media waiting for you on the A&M Tutorials Channel. However, check out our Social Media Presence for New Business Owners Lesson in your B.O. Certificate Course to get started. Also, check out our Social Media platform suggestions in the Resources Tab.
  • Submit your Business Presence Review form in the Custom Cabinet section of your dashboard. We want to see how well you’re doing and provide feedback as well.

Let people know you are about your business professionalism.


Last Update: December 9th, 2021

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