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How to Build a Strong Business Credit to Unlock Growth and Stability: 4 Good Options

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Start building your business credit, if you are looking to build financial wealth for your business!

Some people think they need to wait to start, however, we believe you need to start right away because while you are developing ideas and growth for your company, your credit is already on its way to supporting you with financial resources for you to move fast.

Business Credit for Newbies


Why Is It Important to Establish Business Credit?

Building your business credit is a roadmap to growth and stability. This is an excellent determinant for lenders, suppliers, and other companies interested in collaborating with you to assess your company’s financial health. 

Good business credit may help you qualify for small business loans or funding, as well as acquire financing with more favorable terms or lower interest rates.

How can I establish a good business credit?

You don’t have to get stuck when we have a leading financial health platform to guide you through the entire process.With NAV, you’ll access clear insights and guidance as well as streamlined access to more than 100 financing options.

Does Your Personal Credit Matter for Your Business?

YES. You must have both personal and business credit as a small business owner.  Lenders commonly demand personal credit checks for small-business loans. As you grow your business credit, make sure your personal credit scores are healthy as well.

 Companies that are popular business credit options for their New Business Friendly Approvals.

There are companies dedicated to helping you establish, build, and procure business credit; among them are the 4 good options that can play a crucial role in your credit building journey, if that’s what you’re after. 

Here’s what’s in-store: 

  1. NAV – best for monitoring business credit. Monitor your business credit from all three credit bureaus: D&B, Experian, and Equifax with NAV.
  2. Stellarfi  – Pay bills on time and build your business credit with Stellarfi.
  3. Bluevine – Learn the best ways to use small business credit cards, gain access to more credit, and improve your cash flow with Bluevine.
  4. Credit Suite: Get Business Credit for Your EIN With The Business Credit Builder (Credit Suite).


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Last Update: October 26th, 2023

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