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Cloud Based Phone Systems for Small Business

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There are a few business number services that we’d suggest. We are affiliated with quite a few, because different services do well for different people. The services below are what we feel as a good fit for micro business. You should make a decision according to your budget, but you will need a number for your business. We are referring these providers after exploring over 15 services for micro business affordability, reliability and ease of use. Please circle back and let us know what you think over all, and what you ended up selecting.

  1. Telzio
  2. Just Call
  3. Linked Phone
  4. Grasshopper

We’ve included a quick comparison of the phone services below, please check the original sites by clicking the company names above for updates pricing, etc.

A few things to note:

  • If you are considering building a call center for your business, or for more flexibility taking calls internationally, we’d suggest Just Call. Just call also integrates to Zoho, which many of our clients like.
  • If you are looking for a single business phone line Line2 and Linked for are great options, as they move quickly with the virtual phone and cloud demands.
  • Grasshopper is pretty good as well, we just had a few issues with calls not coming through on their platform, but other clients have had better experiences.

Disclaimer: This information is being provided as a knowledge tool, is based on research, and is updated on a quarterly basis. We do not claim any special relationships with the services (if any) listed in this post.

Last Update: December 9th, 2022

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