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As you navigate through new business spending and expense habits, you will need to understand a bit more about how your income looks, and how far you can go with the cash that you have on hand OR lack there of.

There are a great deal of accounting softwares out there, but we LOVE Xero and Freshbooks, they are both great for freelancers and Small Business looking to better organize their expenses for their accountants, and everything else.

They are not only user friendly, they have all the tools to educate you, and more importantly, their plans are very small business affordable.

Addy & Mark Ask Addy Premium members are suggested to enroll into an accounting platform during the financial section of the course.  However, if you are completing the BP Framework, we highly recommend signing up for Xero or Freshbooks to properly complete the “Fortune Teller” section.

If you’d like for us to assist you with setting up your account, we’d be happy to do so. Simply reach out to our to our concierge or your business coach.

Last Update: December 9th, 2022

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