About Addy & Mark

Addy and Mark is a SMB Research Consulting company housing a unique membership dedicated to small business owners.   

We are not just consultants, we are part of the Small Business Community.  Our membership provides the resources and support to help you register, brand, build, operate, and scale your business.  

Our dedicated consulting service includes research, idea/product development, streamlining, and workflow consulting.

Hence, our mission is short and simple; to help you succeed in your business endeavors.

Small Business Frameworks

There’s nothing like thriving as a small business owner. Check our some of Addy & Marks Small Business Frameworks.  Free Courses Built for Start Up and New Business Owner Growth.  Back by Research – Catered for now!


Small Business Owners!

A Note from the A&M SBO Membership Team.

Starting up and running a small business in the United States of America can be an inspiring yet daunting task.  It’s part of the reason that over 627,000 businesses open every year, while over 595,000 close. That’s right, do the math. This leaves about  32,000 businesses around to survive the business game.  Understanding these facts paints a clearer picture of the challenges that new small business owners are facing today. There are a lot of important facets to starting a business, from coming up with a strong business plan to securing funding.  Throw in the trial and error along the way and you’ve got a good ole’ struggling business owner.  However, with careful planning, execution, and a little guidance, starting a business can be a rewarding experience.  

Enter Addy & Mark, a membership dedicated to building and scaling small business owners through education, a myriad of resources, and a brag-gable coaching team.  Our membership is building a community of small business owners making waves for years to come.

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How Can we Help You?

We dedicate most of our services to the Small Business Community via research consulting, free courses, and through our membership portal.  Get involved in the A&M Community through any of our featured services below. 

Simple Reggie

A&M Consulting

Hire an A&M consultant for Quantitative/Qualitative Research (including surveys for service, products, or anything you need for your SMB), Idea Development, Streamlining, Problem Solving, or Coaching. Not sure if we’re a good fit?  

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Addy & Mark Donna

A&M SBO Member

If you are starting or growing your business, the A&M SBO Membership should be on your checklist.  We provide access to coaches, rewards, new business owner resources, exclusive info sessions, webinars and more. 

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Addy & Mark Survey

The Survey Squad

The Addy & Mark Team is all about that research life. For individuals interested in supporting the A&M small business community giving feedback as one of our Research Super Heroes, check our our Survey Squad. 

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Business Coach Life

What Can a Business Coach Do for You?

Are Business Coaches worth it?  Check out this Ask Addy Response. 

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You need to know if we’re a fit and we need to know if you’re a fit.  Why not schedule a free 15 Minute session to find out?  

It’s free.  So what’s keeping you from getting started?  

Business Start Up Challenge

Ready to Register your business?  Why not start with our Free Business Start Up Challenge for New Business Owners.  Learn how to register your business and start up profile.  Get ready for success!

The Dope Million

Have you heard of our Blog that has a Newsletter that has a blog? lol Check out our blog for New Business Owners thriving to net secure their 1st million.  Subscribe to our newsletter for fun Small Business Owner tips and updates.  

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